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  • just want to finish. i cringe when dog barks, im afraid to go in yard, i cry and shake, hubby gave me one of his ativan. is this a sueable thing, i dont want to but if i see shrink its gonna cost, and all i want is for them to put up a fence. hubby asked and the guy said no he was legal and that was all he cared about. What am i to do? Its been about 3 weeks since it happened.
    i got bitten by dog, went to drs office due to this virus thing, she told me i did right thing,, it was 2-33 bites, i was on own property, dog came bounding across from his property, him and a little dog he was 135 lbs. ive never been afraid and i stood perfectly still but he grabbed hand and bit, hand is aching badly and to early to tell about permanent damage, but i can tell you every time i hear dog bark i cringe
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