Hospital Nurse Not Administering/ Possibly Stealing Pain Meds


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I had overall great care during and after my spinal fusion surgery at Abbott northwestern in Minneapolis. I am concerned however about the overnight nurse I had on Thursday, Dec 10 and Friday, Dec 11. I am almost 100% certain that I wasn’t receiving pain medication during her shifts. When you get IV dilaudid you know it. But with that nurse there was no effect whatsoever, like it was saline or something. I got no pain management from the pills that I was getting either which were supposed to be oxycodone. I’m not sure what those pills were. During all other times spent with other nurses my pain control was completely fine. I was in complete agony and pain though during this nurses 16 hour shift, then 8 hour shift the next day. I reported this to my surgeon but I am wondering if a lawsuit would be appropriate? Thank you.