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Looking for a civil lawyer near St Charles County Missouri

My case is against National Hotel Management, Woodspring Suites St. Charles (a multi-billion dollar company)
They violated multiple laws:

1. Smoke free violations (The county of St. Charles is smoke free) Woodspring deceptively advertises online from their website that they are smoke free. I suffered severe sinus infection from breathing tons of other people's smoke as they daily sat at the doors smoking. They did NOT have a designated smoking area!

2. Littering violations (St. Charles location, the grounds were not maintained, the trash cans at every door were full and over flowing and there was littering trash, food all over the parking lot and all over; it damaged me by my dog pulling to grab other people's trash and chicken bones off the grounds!

3. False fire alarms triggering off in the middle of the night and no one knows how to shut it off; personal injury claims

Fire department was not able to shut it off. Alarm monitoring, installing owner of Pro Con testified under oath that the volume of the noise is set for code standards and sounds like a passing vehicle. Fire department said, they did NOT have the password to shut it off. The employees were NOT trained on how to shut if off. Owner, testified under oath that a password was NOT needed to turn it off.

4. Sales Tax violations they charged all the permanent residents sales taxes and linen fees; they refused to stop charging taxes after staying 30 days and they also refused to refund back the over charged taxes

5. Usury violations their yearly sales tax to pay is 1%; while they charged permanent residents over 4+%

6. Unjust enrichment

7. False and deceptive advertising

8. Breach of Duty to protect me from unhealthy, unsafe environment

9. Fraud

My hearing was damaged by their false alarms. I have loss of hearing plus tinnitus. My companion dog also suffered. This can be a class action law suit.

Please contact me if you are interested in representing me in this vital, important case!

Thank you!

Theresa Barbero
Perryville, Missouri