medical malpractice

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pain management was treating me and did a procedure on left side of back when was supposed to be on the right there excuse was that they must of been talking while typing and just a typing error and tried to have a laugh about it but I am still pretty upset about it happened 2016 can I still sue there asses off


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it is horrible. hospitals and doctors are for helping people.

F.Diane Holmesly

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Chris I'm so sorry that happened to you. .but loosing my firth born son. .is like I died to.
I am still so bitter. .I will never be the same. ..hope you feel better. .

Lisa B

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I had a cervical fusion in 2010. I had a preop chest X-ray done by my neurologist in 2015 and it was noted that a screw at the C7 level on the left was dislodged and further imaging was recommended to evaluate placement of the screw and I was never told. Now that screw is broken and lodged between my carotid artery and throat and it is now life threatening also the fusion didn’t take. Now I have so much pain and cannot work and I must have surgery to remove the screw and correct the fusion. I am having this done by a different as I saw the previous doctor for this condition all he offered was epidural injection and said to leave the screw there. In other words he is leaving me to die. Is this something a lawyer can help me with


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law was passed that there's no time limit now & it never hurts to ask a medical malpractice attorney about either one of your cases