My mom was missed diagnosed


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My mom was having stomach pains every time she ate. Back in November 2019. I told her she needed to see a doctor. And she kept holding off 1 she didn't have insurance. 2 she was scared. 3 she doesn't like hospitals but then again who does? Well i finally talked her into goin in march of this year. They told her she just had diabetes and sent her home with metformin and ibuprofen. And told her to make a appointment with her primary care doctor. Of course she didn't have a primary care doctor but i got her one and medical insurance. Her pain started getting worse and i made her a appointment with her primary care doctor. He went basically off of what the er doctor said he didn't even check her stomach out at all and said its just diabetes. The following week my moms pain got worse to the point it was all the time and not just when she ate like before. We went to the er again. This time they did a ct scan and found out my mom had stage 4 pancreatic cancer and it spread to her liver. We had to make a appointment with a oncologist who didn't take my moms insurance but told us a oncologist that did. After the first appointment with the oncologist. We had to make another appointment with one that took my moms insurance. In between appointments my mom got really yellow and her pain was so bad that she wanted to die. I got her into the er. They admitted her cause her colon collapsed. They failed to mention they think her colon had cancer in it too. They had to put a stint in. My mom has been goin through chemo and the doctor she has doesn't tell us everything cause we keep finding out things she didn't mention. They said my moms cancer isn't growing but it isn't goin away either. Then we wanted a second opinion and they said that the cancer is growing. Im stressed out. Is this a case worthy?