No one to HELP


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I was a casualty of a negligent botched biopsy. No , I am not dead because if I were I could be helped. Ridiculous right ??
I had a biopsy done by a well known clinic. I returned home after biopsy flight was just 2 hours home picked up my mom in Colorado to bring her back with me to Texas for the much anticipated birth of our 3rd grandchild.
About 1 week later my life changed drastically.
I was not feeling well went to urgent care where they gave me penicillin for possible infection. At this time they told me if I got worse go to ER told them I had an appointment with my regular dr for a annual exam this was Saturday and I had that appointment on Monday thought I could wait till then but Sunday morning I woke up with fever and my breast burning. I had my husband take me to zER in his way to work. I said I was fine to just leave me. My mother was with my daughter who had just given birth and were about to be released from hospital. Told her to go with my daughter, I was fine. I was not Fine. They got me back pretty fast because of my high fever. The house Dr came in and told me I was very sick and my kidneys were shutting down and didn’t know if they would admit me to regular floor or ICU. I was stunned but very sick. At that time I never even called anyone for awhile to come be with me, I guess I was in shock. I couldn’t believe what was happening. They did send me upstairs to a disease specialist and plastic surgeon. That night I had emergency surgery to clean out and remove my left breast. 4 years prior double mastectomy due to breast cancer. I was in hospital for 5 days and home with home health for a month in 2x a day antibiotics. This clinic had done a block biopsy instead of a scope biopsy and punctured my implant. Hence the stay in hospital and 30 days antibiotics.The Dr. Had sent his PA in to do procedure and not even come in to check me.
I finally decided to try and get restitution for loss of work, damage to my body and very much emotional stress, they say now I would have to have a flap surgery reconstruction because my breast tissue is to destroyed for the way I had it done last time which means more cutting and pain. Anyway I have been through alit and cannot get anyone to help me. Have tried to get several attorneys to help me file a claim but they say it’s to expensive for witnesses etc. I would have never thought that I would have had this much trouble finding someone to help me. I did file a complaint with this clinic and they said it would take 30 days to review!!!
I WILL BE AT MY 2 years in July 2020.