Surgical malpractice?


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First off I'd like to say thanks for having me here. This is not the type of discussion I've ever been in support of personally and never felt right about even considering a lawsuit. But I'm in serious pain and I'm sure that's led me here.

Teo weeks ago I had a partial knee replacement. I've had 6 surgeries on this kne over the last 25 years and a partial knee replacement was the only way to fix it. I've always healed well and back on my feet quick. During testing it showed in addition to the joint being replaced I had 3 large bone spurs. Seeing how they have grown in accordance with how my knee was moving they weren't a major deal but I'm sure it where some of my pain may have come from.

Surgery was complete 2 weeks ago today. I was told (wife as well) that it was a very successful replacement and there were no issues. Should be a fast recovery. I also kept in touch with another person who had the same surgery. As the days progressed it seemed my pain was getting worse. My swelling was getting worse and I was seeing a lot of internal bleeding. Enough so that my entire leg now had blood collected (looks like black bruise) frame by behind to my foot.the pain was nearly unbearable when I'd put weight on it or attempt the pt. I contacted the surgeon office and sent pics. I was told to wrap it and use lots of ice till i came back in. Keep in mind I'm 42 in great condition. So I'm young and should heal. My new friend is 60 and overweight. His recovery is nearly complete now.

I go to the doctor at 2 weeks in. I'd asked over the phone a week prior about draining the fluid since it was putting extreme pressure in my knee while in the office they decide they have to now try to drain the fluid I'd reported on and sent pics of. It is a very large mass pushing my knee cap out of placement. The attempt is risky due to higher infection risk. The attempt fails. New xrays indicate the bone spurs were never removed. The internal bleeding is coming from those areas. I assume since my knee no longer lines up the same as it does before the spurs are now literally tearing away at my knee with any movement I make. I'm now in an immobilizer with constant ice for the next week. My surgeon is out if the country for two weeks but I have appointments now for each of the next few weeks. The PA was very concerned about these spurs as I heard her outside my door talking with the nurse. So much so that she also reserved OR for my appointment the day the surgeon gets back.

I know that is long but it a decent bit of what happened. I was told during the knee replacement they would do all repairs. All they did was replace the bad joint and nothing else. Theyxeven told us that they fixed everything. The pain is nearly unbearable and I'm getting very little sleep due to it. I have a disorder and the lack of sleep is affecting it now to. I dont want to sue but what are your thoughts on what I should do next. ?

Really appreciate any input.