Vape battery explodes in pocket for no reason.


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I had a vape pen in my pocket. I was walking into the house coming through the doorway when I hear this huge hissing noise then another one making it louder then following extremely painful heat coming from my pocket I franticly tried getting it out burning my hands in beleaveablely my cloaths were now in fire I began trying to just hold it far as I could from my leg but it wasn't enough my friends by this time had ran to help trying to rip my pants off nothing was working the cloaths have melted basically on to me I remember screaming omg please please make it stop as begging and pleading for anything to make it stop make this pain stop one friend began bringing buckets of water dousing me over and over by the 3rd bucket its out, its quiet along with a huge black cloud of black smoke leaving us choking we can barley breath finely it stops it sounded so quiet it was like everything around me just stoped, everything around me just ended all I feel pain and confusion I had hoped it was just a bad dream but I can't wake up. Shortly fire and rescue is here they loaded me up and wisked me away to the hospital. In route mid way my body started going into shock. i feel cold. but yet feel hot. i spiked a fever, and as almost a relife I don't really feel much pain. I'm scared, emotionally drained. I made it to the hospital where I then spent a week recovering in the burn unit. Has anyone else heard of this or know anything that might help me. It's been just over 4 weeks I've been miserable I'm constantly in pain. pain.