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I was hit at 70 miles an hour from a dead stop and a 30 mile an hour zone. I was in a coma for over a week and a half 10-11 days. I had a severe TBI, I had a brain bleed and my short term memory is all shot. I don’t feel normal my equilibrium is off my debt perception I see cross eyed, it doesn’t look like I am messed up but my eyesight is very frustrating.Plus the guy that hit me doesn’t have insurance.
had my lower leg amputated because of gangrene and sepsis! My prosthetic device was incorrectly made due to the owner having covid, his trainee made the prosthetic device but it was his first time. I have hade several pain and sores as well as pinching. I Am now in the process of using some other company in the hopes that I'll have less pain and suffering !
Wondering if I have a case… the nurse on duty was supposed to give me contact solution for my contacts…. Instead she gave me glass cleaner which I put my contacts in to soak while I slept when I woke up I put my contacts in and they burnt my eyes really bad I was rushed to the emergency room…. Do I have a case against the nursing company that employed that nurse ?
On Nov 25 2020 I was putting oil in my car and the hood of my Honda pilot fell and hit me in the head had to go to the hospital and get 5 staples in my head.
Every since I have been having headache and neck and back pain ear infection.
Now my insurance company USAA don't want to honor my policy