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I had my wrist broken and a AC joint separation during a unlawful arrest outside of Dallas and can't seem to find someone to help me sue the police department . I have body camera evidence even...
Again. I hold the door open and outside smoking. So I was thinking. ok. if I get written up again, It will be a written, then if I do it again termination. So I knew I was going to get into trouble. But two days pass, and they call me in and fire me. Instead of following procedure. Meanwhile the whole company had been going out smoking. So I want my job back. what do I do.. This bitch fired me to cover
and she says. You know I didn't see you. I said nothing. I went back to work, no complaint at all. and she leaves and comes back two minutes later with a write up. a so called " verbal". So her and her assistant tells me come in her office. the office have no cameras, and they locked the doors and cornered me. Scared and shaken, I signed it. The write up was for smoking. So a week passes and I FUCKING do
she says I seen you on camera get inside. also the door has a window. and it was day time. She clearly seen me. So a day passes and I was struggling in that pain. I'd made a gut wrenching sound, sweat pouring on me from the pain. water welling iny eyes from the pain. My coworker asks what's wrong, so I explain, not gossiping, tbh I wanted his help at that point. So as Im explaining my boss walks in and
At work, they took away our breaks so like a dumb ass I sneak out. I tried like hell to stand up really close to the building and not get caught by the camera. So I stand all the way up on the door. was going to take a couple puffs and go, but my boss seen me on the camera and came running and in a rage she shoves the door into my spine. I have been in so much pain since that two weeks ago. She says to me, I seen you
I fell at work in the parking lot a year ago. The parking lot is horrible, cracks and gravel in different stops which caused my fall. I injured my knee and ankle, now I walk with a limp. They provided physican therapy which did nothing, sent me for several MRI's which showed no broken bones, just sprains. Company is now offering a settlement...anyone have any idea about how much this type of claim should be.
Stepped off sidewalk at convenience store slipped in oily/slick spot. Leg went out from under me broke Tibula/Fibula/Ankle.
Declared Permanently Disabled
I was in my Osteopathic and Neurosurgeon's office in Spartanburg, SC office when I tripped over a the base of a blood pressure machine that someone had carelessly left in the middle of the aisle right in my path. My nurse exclaimed, "Honey you fell over that Blood Pressure Machine in the middle of the floor. I hit the floor HARD. I made my spinal pain and afflictions much worse. Bulging discs, etc
I need advice on what I should do I was at hurt and fell and hurt my back and have been off work for couple months now. I work in concrete and fell off a wall and hurt my back. After going to doctor I’ve recently found out that I have herniated disks. I’ve not been able to return back to work and don’t know where or what to do.
Out of the car. To check my service dog cuz she was wining. She was injured as well. That's when I met the man who hit me.
Me. I had just started on my business. DiGity Poop. Because of accident and me being reinjured. I wasn't able to proceed in my business that I was so looking forward too.. by the way. I was hit from behind. While foot was on the brake turning right waiting for traffic to pass. Jammed my right knee, slammed elbow on side panel of door. Head and body whipped forward. Thought it was a terrorist till I got
Continued. When accident happened. I called 1 800 ask Gary. Their the ones who sent me to cut to for medical. No one told me. Insurance doesn't pay for chyro.. was suppose to do physical therapy. But my car had broke down. Couldn't get a ride. My friend gave me a ride to C hyro when he had time for us both to go.Even tho I finally decided to proceed with pay out. I'm still suffering pain. It's been very emotional for
I got a call from my lawyer. He told me he was asking for 20,000.00 . Weeks later. A different lawyer talked me out of court. Guess payment came too. 2,000.00. I only get 1700.. back. I havent signed the agreement noterized paper saying its okay . I dont feel right about it.. i have before and after exrays of my neck. I now have to buldging disks.. ive been in so much pain. I have services come and do my house work.