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I was a passenger in a hydroplane car accident and I have three broken vertebras in my back. How much $ will I get for my suffering?
I had slipped and fell in a store No fractured bones just severe strain how much do you think they will settle for pain and suffering
ever had a pet killed by another dog walking your pet on a leach. We did. Dog knocked down my wife and killrd pet. It died from the injuries
I was a passenger in a pick up truck. We were hit in my side by a car, I suffered a concussion, whiplash and sacral lumbar sprain. Need help
. i was passenger in suv and we were hit by a wheelbarrow flying off truck in front of us. surgery = $93,060.00 s. need feedback.
A diesel truck driver ran stop sign. my husband hit him.injuries multipal vertabre subluxation anxiety depression